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The Awesome GTI Success Story: 95.73% increase in revenue YoY

The Awesome GTI Success Story: 95.73% increase in revenue YoY

Meet Awesome GTI

Awesome GTI is a well-known automotive performance parts retailer based in the United Kingdom. They specialize in offering a wide range of products and services for enthusiasts of Volkswagen Group vehicles, including Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, and Skoda.

Awesome GTI has built a strong reputation in the automotive industry for providing high-quality performance parts, accessories, and tuning solutions. They offer a comprehensive catalog of products, including engine upgrades, exhaust systems, suspension components, wheels, brakes, and styling enhancements. These products cater to individuals looking to enhance the performance, handling, and aesthetics of their vehicles.


Originally operating from a Magento storefront, Awesome GTI discovered that their online operation wasn’t as optimized as it could be.

As the number of SKUs increased, maintaining their online system became a distraction from actually managing, marketing, and selling products.

Awesome GTI looked for a website template that is designed and optimized to handle large amounts of traffic and user interactions as well as a solution which can handle a large number of products, so customers can find their best fits in their limited time.

It's time to come with BigCommerce and HaloThemes

BigCommerce is the most trusted commerce solution provider



increase in revenue YoY


increase in conversion rate


increase in AOV YoY

Easy migration from Magento to BigCommerce

“Our entire migration process from Magento to BigCommerce only took a few months. That was great turnaround time for us, because we were still 100% operational during this entire transition process.” - WAYNE AINSWORTH

Since making the switch, we’ve had 1.3 million sessions, 4 million pageviews — and it’s consistently growing.

Our online store’s performance is remarkable: bounce rate is reduced, session duration is up, and daily sessions are increasing. The growth we wanted to see is there.

Learn more about migrating from Magento to BigCommerce

High-volume Template and Powerful Feature

They switched to BigCommerce by using Meros Template since 2015 first and then switched to FlexyKart Template from HaloThemes since 2017.

HaloThemes provides Awesome GTI an advanced solution for Year/ Make/ Model. The year, make, and model function on an automotive website plays a pivotal role in providing accurate information, enhancing user experience, facilitating compatibility, improving search engine visibility, and enabling targeted marketing efforts. It adds value to the website by catering to the unique needs and requirements of automotive enthusiasts, owners, and potential customers.

BigCommerce Add-On: Multi-Level Category Filter - The ability of finding products quickly will give your customers awesome experiences when browsing your store, thus increase the Conversion Rate.

“ I am interested in the above addon. I am already a premium theme owner with the full package, Meros and it is great.” - WAYNE AINSWORTH

Multi-Level Category Filter - Year Make Model

Awesome GTI has a strong online presence with their website serving as a hub for customers to explore and purchase their products and has built a strong reputation in the automotive industry for providing high-quality performance parts, accessories, and tuning solutions

It’s working, too: So far, they’ve seen a 96% increase in revenue YoY.

We’ve found that BigCommerce isn’t just a selling platform — it’s also our product catalog and our medium for customers who want to speak to us through channels like social media and live chat.



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